I’m back…

autumn-209479_1280After a summer where the closest I got to fiction was the succession of small untruths that I told my son (not much further / I haven’t got any money / it’s closed today) I’m ready to get going again.

Now, in this season of mellow fruitfulness and back to school optimism, I’m steeling myself for the Big One. I’ve already confessed to writing a novel, that was the whole point of all of this, but why did I bother if no one gets to read it? I can’t keep procrastinating, it doesn’t need any more work, no really, it doesn’t. It should be seen, and possibly even heard – is there a reading aloud genre on I-Tunes?

I’ve dipped my toe into the murky waters of agents and publishers and had one near miss and one very definite absolutely not. I’ll keep trying, but it’s a slow process and I’m bored already. So I’m going to release my magnum opus Water Water on the world in instalments instead, twice a week, starting on Friday.

There, I’ve said it now, so it’s got to happen. See you Friday…

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