Someone once told me that a shy writer is about as much use as a bashful rockstar, so shoulders back, deep breath, here goes…

Welcome to my world.

Or does that sound too creepy?

After years of scribbling in private, I’m finally letting some of my fiction escape into the ether.

It’s always been there, the parallel universe inside my head. When I was little I fancied myself as quite the Enid Blyton presenting my long-suffering parents with endless tales about the adventures of Gilt the flying palamino pony. I still remember the feeling when I realised that I had my own stories to tell.

Fast forward thirty years and there’s plenty of incentive to let your mind wander when you’re marooned on the sofa with just a breast pump for company – now there’s a noise I’ll never forget. But it took me a while before I turned any of my  musings into actual writing, and a while longer still before I showed them to anyone.

I’d had this idea. It came to me on a train back to Burgess Hill from sunny Wolverhampton, a germ of a plot which exploded into something good that I really, really wanted to get down on paper. And so it began, snatched hours at the laptop, or scribbles in a notebook. I had barely legible scrawls on paper napkins, and found you can even fit quite a lot of words on a receipt if you write very, very small.

Being blessed with nerves of spaghetti rather than steel however, I didn’t dare to do anything constructive with any of it. Then I saw a short story competition in a magazine with a £500 prize and much glory for the winner. Why not? No one need ever know… Didn’t get the £500 – it was only a £20 book token for the runner-up. I was runner-up in a national competition with hundreds of entries! That had to mean Other People think I can write.

A couple of years down the line though, with one novel and a children’s book finished and ready to go, it became apparent that writing and getting published are two very different things. Even having interest from agents and publishers is no guarantee of actually seeing your precious words in print. So after breaking the ice with anythingbutcupcakes, I decided to go with the blog as my outlet of choice.

I started small, uploading short stories and some other snippets, as I plucked up the courage to unleash the Big One. But now it’s time, Water Water is finally seeing the light of day, in weekly instalments.

It worked for Dickens after all…